Gabriel Kahn

Research Council

Gabriel Kahn has worked as a newspaper correspondent and editor for two decades, including 10 years at The Wall Street Journal, where  he served as Los Angeles bureau chief, deputy Hong Kong bureau chief and deputy Southern Europe bureau chief, based in Rome. He has reported  from more than a dozen countries. In 1998, Kahn launched Italy Daily, a joint venture of theInternational Herald Tribuneand Corriere della Sera, based in Milan, Italy. He has covered the U.S. Congress for the  Washington, D.C.-based Roll Call, and served as an editor and  writer at The Forward, in New York City. His freelance work has appeared in Slate, The American Prospect, The National Law JournalSalon and other publications. He  has been a guest on the BBC World Service, CNN, CNBC, C-Span, as well as  on numerous international news programs. At the Innovation Lab, Kahn works on creating new business models around news and developing innovative products to help publishers better engage with their audiences.

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