Corporations, foundations and individuals can all become sponsors of the Annenberg Innovation Lab. By doing so, they will plug into a venue for innovation that aims to resolve real-world issues and marketplace dilemmas. Additionally, sponsors will gain new understanding of the latest research on the current media landscape and its impact on society. The current sponsors of the Innovation Lab are BET Networks, Cisco Systems, DirecTV, EPB, FOX, Havas Media, IBM, The Los Angeles Times, Orange, Paramount, Verizon and Warner Bros. Past sponsors have included LACMA, and Levi Strauss. In addition, Apple, DreamWorks Animation, Estimote, Microsoft, Paramount Pictures, Qualcomm, and Viacom have provided support for specific projects.

Sponsorship brings dialogue with globally renowned scholars who are breaking new ground on topics like: social networks, digital entertainment, gaming behavior, transmedia content, geo-location, new business models and the ever-evolving landscape of public policy. Sponsorship also brings an ongoing engagement with USC students who are both consumers and creators on the digital frontier. Sponsorship is designed to engage all parties in a multi-faceted dialogue.

The Lab offers a knowledge exchange in which sponsors play a critical role by recommending topics, posing queries or suggesting specific projects. The Lab is a center of the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. With the objective of pursuing an interdisciplinary approach to innovation, it works closely with the Viterbi School of Engineering, the School of Cinematic Arts, the Rossier School of Education, the Stevens Institute for Innovation and other nodes of research and invention around the USC campus.

Sponsors share benefits such as:

  • Priority access to research conducted at the Lab
  • Regular reports on the Lab’s research agenda and projects under development
  • A customized company day at the Lab with strategic briefings and brainstorming sessions
  • Access to top students
  • Invitations to Lab-sponsored lectures and special events
  • Attendance at the Lab’s annual conference and other events that will bring industry and the academy together
  • Access to all Lab publications and to a password-protected sponsor website
  • Recognition in the Lab’s publications and on its website
  • Sponsors will also have the ability to contract individual projects under sponsored research agreements

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Rachelle Meredith at 213-740-8366 or