World Building the DTLA Corridor

In December of last year the Downtown LA Innovation Corridor world building project kicked off its first workshop with the theme of ‘moving’. In January and February, we did two more workshops on ‘making’ and ‘living’. The purpose of these workshops was to engage a broad set of participants who have equity in the corridor and valuable experiences/expertise around different sub-topics such as, for the living workshop: housing and homelessness, food and health, diversity and connections, retail and manufacturing, arts and culture. Participants engaged in design work that went from

  • looking at the corridor broadly – proposing visionary concepts known as ‘what-if’s in world building terms
  • to articulating assumptions and trends – logic points
  • to the design of specific strategic things one could do and the design of artifacts that both manifest the above and/or introduce new ideas and strategies that are generalizable. 

We have captured this work in a briefing document that will be used to inform and begin the next phase of work. This document discusses briefly the methodology, acknowledge the participants and sponsors, capture some of the conversations, key moments and sketches, and most importantly present the main ‘what-if’ concepts, the assumptions and trends logic points, and the strategies and artifacts.