Sports Fan Engagement Dashboard

Sports Fan Engagement Dashboard - What is it?  

The Sports Fan Engagement Dashboard is a new tool that analyzes social media conversation based on the Leveraging Engagement Framework piloted by the Annenberg Innovation Lab. Rather than sentiment or network analysis typically done on this type of data, our dashboard provides real-time analysis of how fans are engaging during live sport sports based our fan engagement framework. The dashboard then can provide business intelligence and actions to take for content markets in putting out real-time content. 

Experience the Sports Fan Engagement Dashboard In Action.

How we got here?  

Building this dashboard took a collaborative process of academics, marketers, and engineers. Scholars at the lab created the Leveraging Engagement framework out by re-imagining previous research done on Lost Fans by Askwith to apply to sports fans. The lab then worked with HAVAS SE to learn how fans engage in this framework through ethnographic fan interviews and observations, an international survey, and mining Twitter using software and guidance provided by IBM. This dashboard then came together built by our in-house team of engineers using methodologies we collectively learned through our fieldwork. 

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