Digital Services in the Smart City

Over the summer the Innovation Lab, in partnership with Verizon, started thinking about what it means to be a "smart city" from the perspective of local government. A smart city vision involves an ecology of data collecting devices, active citizens, and services. The first step in this vision for Los Angeles is how to convert existing services to drive interactions that bridge local government and private sector. Los Angeles currently has a wide range of services that it offers to help residents. They rely on their government for services for everything from business permitting to trash pick-up to adopting a pet. Government employees also rely on internal services to fulfill their jobs. Yet, these services are often under-utilized and expensive to run. What we’re proposing in this document is for digital services that facilitates communication with local government using online or mobile technologies. By updating existing paper services - going from “calls to clicks” - we can improve the citizen’s user experience and open up opportunities for new types of services. The full report can be found here