PLAY! is a visual platform for social learning and curation in the cloud.  We aim to disrupt the way people discover new ideas, share information, and collaborate. If you are interested in testing out PLAY! in your learning community, sign up here.


Social media is shaking up education.  As schools shift from traditional systems of teaching, student engagement, and professional development, the norms for education are changing.  How do individuals best learn and communicate through visual media? How do you improve the quality of teaching by pulling in diverse resources and perspectives that are typically overlooked?  How do you build enthusiasm and alignment behind these new models of teaching?


PLAY! is an educational collaboration platform helping students and teachers tap into broad interest‑based peer networks – encouraging creativity, connection, and collaboration.  With PLAY, people curate emotive crowdsourced multimedia content, stimulating peers to create, circulate, and interact through new media. People organize interest groups drawing inspiration beyond traditional social circles.  PLAY! is inherently visual, complete with proprietary analytics to identify and boost participation.


SOLUTION: PLAY! Multimedia canvases in a digital playground to ideate, share, view and weigh in on stories, including building upon other’s ideas through the REMIX tool.

PATENTABLE SOCIAL ANALYTICS ENGINE: Our participation metrics can identify the best ideas by measuring how they attract participation. The PLAYground’s recommendation engine also connects people to one another to stimulate collaboration opportunities that are typically overlooked or difficult to identify in larger organizations.

Market Opportunity

Social media is a rapidly growing segment of IT spending both among schools and among enterprises in general.  IBIS (2012) estimates that collaboration software spending already represents 12% of the $26bn business analytics and software market.  IDC (2012) further reports healthy demand for collaboration software connecting internal and external teaching constituencies – an underserved need in the education market.

Customer Traction and Acquisition Strategy

We are concentrating our efforts on disrupting the education market with a goal of reaching 1 million users this year.  If you are interested in testing out PLAY! in your learning community, sign up here.  We tested an early prototype of PLAY with 250 students and teachers in the Los Angeles area, and are looking to expand these efforts.  We are looking for a flagship partnership providing expanded access to teachers and providing a scalable distribution gateway into schools and classrooms worldwide. 


Project Lead