Leveraging Engagement: Music Fans

Following the success of our soccer study in 2014, we have partnered again with Havas Sports & Entertainment to take on an even bigger fandom analysis challenge in 2015: all music fans everywhere in the world.

As we did for soccer, we're gathering a combination of survey data, social media data, and in-depth conversations with individual fans. Havas has recruited Universal Music Group onto the team, and they have helped us not only hone our survey instrument but also explore new fan behaviors that we’ll use to expand the Leveraging Engagement model. IBM jStart is once again working with us on real-time social media data analysis. Plus, we've tested out a new research platform called dscout to gather interview-style multimedia data remotely, which has allowed us to scale our qualitative research and study fans at music festivals all around the world.

We're thrilled to be a part of this robust group of partners, as we're leveraging each other’s expertise to generate new strategies to understand and inspire music fans. 

Project Lead