On November 3, 2015, Erin Reilly presented a Sponsor Seminar entitled Playing with the Future:

Though children have a healthy appetite across “traditional screens” such as television and movies, computers, and video games, their usage of these screens is declining. Instead, there’s been an upswing in children’s consumption of and participation in media through a mobile device. Though a mobile device is what every child expects to have in their pocket, the next big thing coming in mobile is wearable devices combined with the Internet of Things (IoT) (e.g. Disney’s Playmation). This shift places a clear demand on creators: offer something different to today’s digital kids. In the seminar, Erin shares some defining play patterns that foster joint media engagement, cite examples of play in action that merge traditional toys with technology, and show how to apply these play patterns and actions when developing content for today’s digital kids. When you understand and design with these play patterns in mind, you will foster a sense of independence and ingenuity that appeals to kids that “color outside the lines.” It’s these blurred lines that mark the end of clearly defined roles, traditions, and experiences for children.