2013 Innovation Summit
April 4, 2013
Davidson Conference Center
University of Southern California

The global consumer media and entertainment sector is at a critical juncture. On the one hand, the extraordinary growth of the global middle class in recent decades affords the disposable income and leisure that fuels the media and entertainment (M&E) sector. But on the other hand, the digital revolution continues to disrupt established business models across the sector, from entertainment to news enterprises. Many of the assumptions for future growth in M&E are based on a new advertising paradigm that assumes “programmatic” tools to track consumers both online and in physical space (e.g., geo-targeting). And most of the profits for large M&E firms flow from bundling based models (for instance, in the cable and satellite sector). But what if these two conventional models, reflecting both new and old common industry wisdoms, were fundamentally overturned by disruptive forces in the next few years? Our 2013 Innovation Summit will tackle this question through a combination of provocations that we will together engage with through a unique scenario planning exercise. Four scenarios will be considered, each representing a different future for the global consumer M&E sector in relation to the two business paradigms in question.

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