How might TV news be reinvented?

  • If the television news show were reinvented today, what would it look like?
  • How could it be more social, engaging or relevant to the viewer?
  • How could it use available technology to achieve that?
  • How could new technology be developed to make sure it delivered the right audiences to advertisers and provided a strong financial return to news organizations?

The goal of this Think & Do workshop is to begin to provide some answers to those questions. To facilitate that, we have organized a day full of discussion, play, and high-speed creativity. Participants will listen to and, in many cases, give short presentations. But much of the day will be loosely structured and largely shaped by you, the group of experts we’ve invited to participate.

One project which developed from this Think & Do session is Athena News, a specialized feed of video news stories tailored to each individual user.

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BRIEFING BOOK: View/Download the full USC Annenberg Innovation Lab's Think & Do: TV News, or click the image below.