How can we create new business models to take advantage of an emerging all-mobile environment?

On February 21st, 2014, The Annenberg Innovation Lab’s second Think and Do under The Edison Project grappled with creating new business models in all-mobile environments.

To facilitate this, we organized a day full of discussions, play, and high-speed creativity. Stimulated by new business principles and models, our group of Media and Entertainment executives, along with a wide array of USC faculty and students, worked together to imagine an all-mobile environment and the products and services that might populate that space.  By incorporating geolocation, recommendation systems, crowdsourced content, celebrity curation and strategies for fan engagement, these concepts push the boundary of our current capabilities. 

Some of the concepts for possible prototypes that came out of this Think & Do event included:

  • Janus. Janus takes audiences deep into a studio’s library through a powerful recommendation system using both algorithms and celebrity content curation. The system operates at two levels, drawing viewers into both the back catalog and new releases. The audience builds a community around content through social media, fan pages, and geolocations. 
  • Firefly. Firefly, a gamified location-based experience, gives groups of consumers points for simultaneously logging into a company, film, or TV show from across the globe. Collected points can be used to purchase vendors’ products. The app functions as “Foursquare + flash mob + airline miles”, creating a global community among users.
  • Newsroom. Newsroom reinvents the business of news through mobile technology by sourcing news creation to citizen reporters. The news is then packaged into a digital narrative and distributed to audiences. Newsroom uses geolocation to alert citizen reporters as well as those who may be impacted by the event.
  • Transportopia. Transportopia combines crowdsourced stories, the Connected City, smart vehicles and geolocation to transform public transportation into a rich journey through the city’s stories. Your chosen mode of transportation for your daily commute becomes an opportunity for entertainment, education, productivity, and socialization.
  • I-Selfie. I-Selfie, by mapping and aggregating your actual choices, enhances your understanding of who you really are, not who you think you are or who you want to be. I-Selfie holds up a mirror to your behavior, transcending your self-perceptions in favor of reality.  

It may seem as if a dark cloud has been hanging over the media industry since Napster, with millions of dollars being lost to piracy, declining value of content libraries, and rapidly shifting consumption patterns. However, emerging technologies aren’t the enemy; they are part of the solution, the dazzling bright spots. Now it is up to us to see them and use them effectively.


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