USC Annenberg Innovation Lab explores the future of play at Sandbox Summit

“We need to be ready to equip our children with the core cultural competencies and social skills needed in this... Read More

USC Annenberg Innovation Lab x BIG TALK on the Future of Innovation

“The beautiful thing about Silverman’s work is how she gets us to stop talking about the things we always talk...

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Summer Retreat Report: Looking Ahead to 2015-2016

“If you don't like what's being said, change the conversation.”        

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Futurethon: Working Together to “Hack the Drought”

This past weekend, over 100 technologists, designers, makers, thinkers, and tinkerers came together to develop and pitch solutions to a... Read More

Annenberg Innovation Lab discusses media literacy

Attendees participated in activities such as finding a previously undiscovered feature in an app they use daily and experimenting with... Read More

Geek Speaks: Cyberpunk Past and Future

As the Spring 2015 installment of our Geek Speaks series, the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab co-sponsored the USC Visions &... Read More

CRUNCH: From Zero to One

A glance at the Annenberg CRUNCH program.

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The CRUNCH Experience: Becoming Prevail Games

How the CRUNCH program took Prevail Games from an ill-defined pipe dream to a true tech start-up.

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