Summer Retreat Report: Looking Ahead to 2015-2016

“If you don't like what's being said, change the conversation.”        

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Think & Do: Business Models In An All-Mobile Environment

How can we create new business models to take advantage of an emerging all-mobile environment?

Think & Do: Re-Envisioning the Home TV Experience

What does it mean to "watch" TV? What might it mean to "do" TV?

Think & Do: Building a Better Arts Press

How can we build a better arts press?

2013 Innovation Summit

What if our conventional models, reflecting both new and old common industry wisdoms, were fundamentally overturned in a few years?

Think & Do: Transmedia Branding

What are the design and ethical principles that should shape branding in a transmedia environment?

Think & Do: Reinventing TV News

How might television news be reinvented? 

Think & Do: Compelling Play

How might 3D immersive experiences and transmedia storytelling be harnessed to catalyze compelling play and learning-rich experiences for children and... Read More

Think & Do: Second Screen

A preview into the Annenberg Innovation Lab's Think and Do tanks, which bring together industry partners, faculty and students to... Read More