Leveraging Awesomeness: USC Annenberg Innovation Lab’s Music Fan Research Project

What a fantastic summer. Through the lens of Leveraging Engagement, we have studied how music fans interact and engage with...

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Profiling A Music Lover

How brands appeal to targeted consumers might depend on these different types of music listeners.

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Digital Hollywood - Activating Music and Sports Fanbases Panel Recap

On Wednesday, April 29th, Managing Director of USC Annenberg Innovation Lab moderated a panel on “Activating the Fanbase for Music... Read More

Louder: A CRUNCH Incubator Team's View on CTOs

CRUNCH allowed us to not let the technical challenges of Louder intimidate us and encouraged us to press ahead in...

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Think & Do: New Metrics & Measurement

How can we move beyond the traditional “four-quadrant” model of audience demographics towards a more nuanced and useful understanding of... Read More