Leveraging Awesomeness: USC Annenberg Innovation Lab’s Music Fan Research Project

What a fantastic summer. Through the lens of Leveraging Engagement, we have studied how music fans interact and engage with...

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BLP Student Spotlight: Adam Hollander - CityKey

Adam Hollander, Founder & CEO of CityKey, worked in hospitality and hotel operations for a number of years before embarking... Read More

Football fans rate social connection and pride over entertainment during engagement, finds study

A new global study into how fans around the world engage in their passion for sport and entertainment has revealed... Read More

Global Fans “decoded” through the Logics of Engagement in FANS.PASSIONS.BRANDS Study

Launched by Havas Sports & Entertainment in partnership with USC Annenberg Innovation Lab 

Students Inspire Teachers at IdeaLA's High School Elevator Pitch Competition

USC Annenberg Innovation Lab and #IdeaLA host the inspirational 1st Annual High School Elevator Pitch Competition.

Participants of Spring 2014 Crunch Challenge Course Announced

USC Annenberg Innovation Lab announces the seven lucky teams that have been chosen to participate in our Spring 2014 Crunch... Read More

Problems Abound in the Media Biz, but Here’s Why There’s Hope

Challenges abound in the future of the media business. But then again, so do the opportunities 

What College Will Be Like in 2023

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Fan Favorites

In order to build engagement and loyalty in a climate of intense competition and distraction, media companies have to understand... Read More

Profiling A Music Lover

How brands appeal to targeted consumers might depend on these different types of music listeners.

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