USC Annenberg Innovation Lab Debates East Versus West Coast Transmedia

Leaders from USC Annenberg’s Annenberg Innovation Lab (AIL) convened Wednesday, June 4 to discuss transmedia and the ways it differs... Read More

A Warm Thank You to our Innovator in Residence, Aaron Koblin

Aaron Koblin, Innovator in Residence We were so fortunate to have Aaron Koblin join us for the week as our... Read More

CRUNCH Lunch with Kurling Robinson - RECAP & VIDEO

This week, we were fortunate to have veteran software developer and USC Viterbi alumnus, Kurling Robinson, here in the Annenberg... Read More

Annenberg Says Goodbye To AIL Founder Jon Taplin, Welcomes Dr. Colin Maclay

The times are changing at Annenberg Lab.

Geek Speaks: Cyberpunk Past and Future

As the Spring 2015 installment of our Geek Speaks series, the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab co-sponsored the USC Visions &... Read More

Blackstone LaunchPad Demo Day: Win A Free Trip To New York

USC Student startups will compete for $50,000 in prize money, and a chance to win a free trip to New...

Read More

Digital Hollywood: Re-Imagining the Entertainment Business

Digital Hollywood: Re-Imagining Entertainment is a trade conference event featuring leading research leaders in the fields of film, television, music,... Read More

Think & Do: Re-Envisioning the Home TV Experience

What does it mean to "watch" TV? What might it mean to "do" TV?

Think & Do: Building a Better Arts Press

How can we build a better arts press?

Free Media Literacy Workshop By The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Free Media Literacy Workshop provided by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Space is limited to 40 participants,... Read More