The A List with Alison Lebovitz: Jonathan Taplin, Season 7 Episode 1

 "Jonathan Taplin has enjoyed a lengthy and varied career with a finger on the pulse of an evolving media landscape.... Read More

CES: Broadcasters and Execs Gather at 2nd Screen Summit

Jonathan Taplin headlined a session about the importance of gathering real data about audience behavior and motivation, which he identifies... Read More

Media Industry Taps Disruptive Tech to Understand, Leverage Fan Passions

The Internet, smartphones and related technologies, are enabling fans to play a more central and active role in an evolving... Read More

CRUNCH Lunch with Kurling Robinson - RECAP & VIDEO

This week, we were fortunate to have veteran software developer and USC Viterbi alumnus, Kurling Robinson, here in the Annenberg... Read More

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Sensing the Future of Technology with Havas Media at CES 2015

Erin Reilly, Creative Director at USC Annenberg Innovation Lab, explores the evolving landscape of alternate & enhanced realities at CES... Read More

Athena News - Concept Video

The TV news viewing model is broken. Athena News is attempting to fix it. Watch the video to learn more.

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Starting a business takes a lot of guts... if you get too far ahead of yourself

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Crunch Student Design Challenge 2013

The Crunch Student Design Challenge is the Annenberg Innovation Lab's premier year-long series of events that unites industry leaders, cutting-edge... Read More

Innovation Summit 2013 Debrief

The Annenberg Innovation Summit brought leaders from the media and telecommunications industry together with academics, commentators and students for a... Read More

PlugDJ: A digital musical environment that is truly 'social'

PlugDJ COO Alex Reinlieb's CRUNCH explored the theme of consuming media and not having to do it alone, looking first... Read More