Profiling A Music Lover


In conjunction with Annenberg Innovation Lab, Havas Sports and Entertainment recently released a study that might lead to more refined marketing strategies with just one question: "What kind of music listener are you?"


“Music is an extremely effective marketing tool for brands looking to connect with people – after all 98% of people around the world listen to music daily according to our research," says Fredda Hurwitz, Global Chief Strategy Officer of Havas Sports & Entertainment, "But the digital era has made things more fragmented and broader when it comes to how we listen to music and which genres we explore."


The study, the second of a set of yearly dives into fans and the things they are passionate about, surveyed 18,000 people aged 13+ around the world and identified five types of music listeners: The Listener, The Mixologist, The Groupie, The Collector and The Vocalist.


The 40-question survey incorporated questions inspired by the Leveraging Engagement Model formed by Erin Reilly, Managing Director and Research Fellow for the Annenberg Innovation Lab. Those questions focused on the different motivators of music fans, which helped define the different mindsets of music listeners and Lab researchers helped Havas identify and name the different categories.


People can take a quiz to see what kind of music listener they are, and the different categories are as follows:


The Listener prefers to listen to music at home, and finds out the latest hits from their kids. The Mixologist is always on the lookout for new music via online platforms, and they search, listen and share their music with online communities. The Groupie has no fear expressing their love for an artist, and will always be interested in what's going on stage; they also like music-TV shows. The Collector focuses on the music they're listening to; the music instantly connects them to a memory and has a particular taste. The Vocalist appreciates music the most when they're making it themselves.


To learn more about the music listener profiles, check out the video below and take the quiz here:



The study also discovered other aspects of music fan culture, such as how out of the 18,000 people surveyed worldwide, Americans and Brits are behind the rest of the world when it comes to streaming  online music. The study also found that 73% of people thought that music partnerships improve brand image, 70% thought that such partnerships make the brand stand out from competitors and 62% say that they encourage them to try the brand's products and services.


These results, especially with the different music mindsets, provide a more nuanced reflection on the desires and motivators of consumers who listen to music. In this way, the findings have the potential to help brands create a strong marketing strategy.


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