Blackstone LaunchPad Demo Day: Win A Free Trip To New York

Blackstone LaunchPad Demo Day will take place Tuesday, October 28, 2014. Students can win a free trip to New York and compete for $50,000 in prize money.


With Blackstone LaunchPad now on 15 campuses, in 6 regions, and accessible to 350,000 students, student, alumni and faculty ventures that have been Blackstone LaunchPad clients will be eligible to compete against one another for prize money.

Each of the 15 Blackstone LaunchPad offices selects 5 student ventures for consideration to participate in Demo Day. Blackstone will then select a total of up to the top 20 national ventures to participate.

Blackstone will pay for all travel and lodging expenses for 1 individual from each selected venture team to travel to NYC for this session.

For consideration, contact Ian Donahue immediately for a venture consulting meeting. To be considered for this 1st Demo Day in NYC, you must meet with Ian before September 20th. Contact:

Criteria for evaluation towards Blackstone LaunchPad Demo Day Ventures:


  • Is the product or organization fully functional?
  • Is the venture based on an original idea or a unique take on an existing idea?
  • Does the product have a professional look and feel?
  • Will the product deliver a compelling user experience?

Business Model

  • Does the product fill a demonstrated market need?
  • Does the product target a specific consumer base and bring value to those consumers?
  • If it is a for-profit venture, does it have realistic, positive revenue growth potential?
  • If it is a non-profit venture, is it sustainable?
  • Is there a comprehensive rollout strategy for customer acquisition?


  • Is there a clear plan for how the different levels of prize money could be used to scale up the company


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